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This wiki is for Ruz's family tree:

DamideterJR: Grandpa (Divorced to Dipper4561)

Dipper4561: Grandma (Divorced to Dami)

EvergreenFir: Great-Uncle, Grunkle (Damiedeter's Brother)

Dipper1234: Dad (To Ruz, Bill, and Izu)

Rzvegg: Daughter

Bill Cipher: Son

Izunna Nwogbo: Oldest Son

Jrsushilover7: Dog

Unown: Da Neko (Cat)

MablePines: Dog with Rabies

Paincorn: The Unicorn who is always in pain

ACursedDoor: Dipper1234's friend

Tuckyd: Dipper1234's Friend Bartender (Owns a wing bar, a chicken wing bar)

Mattfan120: The crazy uncle from Kentucky with a army of minions

DjBlueCandy: DJ and Alison's son, Cousin

Owen Lover: The Local Hobo

TitanicMixGurl: The lonely Aunt who couldnt get a man with a heavy New York accent

DJ DYNAMIX: Uncle (Father to DjBlueCandy)

AlisonBlue123: Aunt (Mother to DjBlueCandy)

Mermaid: The local Merbo (Mermaid Hobo) who lives in the lake in the park.

StarTrekkie: A crazy Star Trek fan who thinks the world is going to end

Bloxdude47: The random guy who comes into people's houses and tells that their daughter has to save the world. Who is also Dami's friend

Dipper33101: The Handyman who fixes chairs and acts them out

MORE SHALL BE ADDED. Also, we (Damie and I)  may start a RP with these.

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